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How old is your coffee?
   Most of the coffee you purchase today is from large companies who tend to produce huge volumes but lack premium quality.  Green coffee beans are imported, then roasted in large batches and bagged.  Once at your local grocery this mass produced coffee is shelved with six month expiration dates.  The fact of the matter is that coffee is best consumed soon after roasting and begins to lose flavor rather quickly.  This loss of flavor is measured in days not weeks or months. 

   So how old is your coffee?  Not sure?  At Two Roasting Joes we have a passion for truly fresh roasted coffee.  We purchase only "speciality" green coffee beans grown in ideal climates and altitudes. 
The result from these conditions is a longer, slower growth cycle, yielding green coffee beans that are denser and much more intensely flavorful than the mass produced coffee.  The difference is truly remarkable. One day while enjoying a cup of this incredible joe we decided that everyone should have the same experience, so we offer to you the opportunity to taste the freshness for yourself. To that end we will not roast your coffee until it is ordered then promptly shipped.  That's why we place a "Roasted On" date on every bag of coffee we sell.