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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 12 oz

Well slap me across the face with Lilies! Yirgacheffe is one naughty and truly seductive coffee! From the celebrated and lush Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is a town in the Sidamo region, a high plateau north of Harar. "Yirg" should mean "highest quality and most fruity acidity" compared to washed Limmu and washed Sidamo -- or else the name doesn't mean a thing! Unusually robust and full-bodied for this more typically high-toned, lighter-bodied floral coffee.

Deeply rich acidity and a surprisingly heavy body; a shimmering cocktail of pineapple, pear, citrus and floral notes in the nose. The dry fragrance from the grounds is sweet and caramelly; the aroma from the brewed cup has great sharp peppery notes. The flavors in the cup are a dark raisiny sweetness, behind pungent black pepper high notes, a dry zest in the finish with hints of apricot or plum. The coffee becomes more citrusy as it cools, complex with tangy bittersweets. Look especially for a fruity winelike acidity and floral elements. Everything you like in an Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is even more pronounced in this Yirgacheffe.

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Price $11.95