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Kenya AA 12 oz.

Kenya is the East African powerhouse of the coffee world both in the cup, and the way they run their trade--everything is top-notch. The best Kenya coffees are not sold simply as generic AA or AB. They are specific auction lots sold to the highest bidder and heated competition drives the prices up. Their research and development is unparalleled. Their quality control is meticulous, and many thousands of small farmers are highly educated in their agricultural practice --and rewarded -- for top level coffee.

This is a great, clean and bright Kenyan; it's complex and has interesting fruit (berry, citrus) flavors, sometimes alternating with spice. Occasionally you get lucky and the vintage will contain the cherished winey flavors. This particular Kenyan coffee is grown in the shade of banana trees. It has a nice spicey full body with a bold flavor, but mild in acidity, berry undertones and..... yes ....a winey taste.....Nice!

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Price $12.95