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Yemen Mokha Mattari 12oz currently out of stock
Yemen is located on the lower Arabian Peninsula just below Saudi Arabia and across the Arabian Sea from Ethiopia and Eritrea. The coffee is commonly listed on coffee menus as northern African coffee, but Yemen coffee has the right to stand alone as the only coffee grown on the Arabian Peninsula.

Coffees called Mattari are from the Bani Matar region east of the Yemeni capital of Sana 'a, grown on terraces in the rugged mountain landscape. Coffee in Yemen is grown under mostly organic practices. Due to lack of rainfall, the coffees are dry-processed, with some coffee even being allowed to dry on the trees. Millstones are used to crush the cherries and remove the skins. The dried skins are "recycled" in a very unique way. First they are boiled in water. Then they are drained and then poured into small cups to create a tea-like beverage called Gishr. These are some of the highest grown coffees in the world (altitudes of 8,000 feet with the Hirazi coffees) - an impossibility in other parts of the world.

A classically sweet, chocolaty, fruity Yemen Mattari here! Look for a pleasantly pungeant quality and a medium to heavy body. This coffee is loaded with natural flavors with bittersweet chocolate and dried berry undertones and a winey acidity. LOTS OF CHARACTER!!!

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