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Kauai Estate Reserve 12oz
Kauai Estate Reserve is the Kauai Coffee Company's top grade. It contains the largest bean size (17-19 screen ) and the lowest imperfections. These beans are from the Koloa Estate in Eleele Hawaii, and are irrigated by rainwater from Kauai's high central mountains. The rainwater is channeled to volcanic soil on the leeward side of the island. This environment produces beans which are mild, smooth and well balanced. They are wet processed very near the site where Hawaii's first coffee plantation was located over 150 years ago.

The cup on the Kauai Estate Reserve is their cleanest, smoothest and most well rounded. It's smoky, peanut buttery aroma is complimented by a hint of milk chocolate. Every bag of Kauai Estate coffee is checked and certified by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture. Kauai Coffee is a true estate coffee because they do everything from the planting to the milling with complete control of quality from start to finish. Hawaii is of course a state and this coffee is produced by American labor following all employee health and safety standards.

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