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Columbia Supremo Huila 12 oz. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

A great cup by any measure. Every now and then there comes along a Supremo that really is a hit. Typically Supremos are pooled from many farms in the region thereby the resulting cup suffers from the effect of the "lowest common denominator". Not this time! A shade-grown coffee produced by a small group of farms that has great dimension: vistas of completeness unfold in waves of exhilarating revelation.

Huila is also a Supremo (17/18 screen) coffee and a classic Colombian. The profile is built around deep-toned vanilla-nut flavor with sufficient acidity, not strikingly sweet but sweet enough. The cup has flavors like a mildly spiced tea: apple, cinnamon, muted clove flavors. Look for chocolate flowers dancing on your taste buds - now isn't that a pretty picture?

Item #10